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We cultivate a sense of belonging to the Sardinian land. It is in contact with nature that you will understand that you are not just a guest, but part of this land. We give you a complete immersion in the greenery of our vegetable garden, 4 hectares of land with plants, lush orchards and a splendid olive grove where the products destined for our guests' tables are grown. We almost manage to self-supply our facilities with all the vegetables that are processed by our chefs and the herbs used for the preparations. A considerable added value. Not kilometer, but meter zero.

We are especially proud of our Earth's gold, the first-press extra virgin olive oil produced by Cala Ginepro. Every year, at the end of the season, we harvest the olives and use the award-winning Chisu Oil Mill in Orosei for a real olive pressing. You will visit a place where adults and children alike will be amazed by the simplicity of nature and its physiological development. An immersive experience in which to appreciate the energy that only contact with the earth can transmit.

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