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Culture & Arts, Artist in residence

The warm colors of the Mediterranean style, the paintings and embroideries that speak of Sardinian history will be the details that will give value to every moment spent here. At Cala Ginepro Hotels, the art of Sardinian hospitality blends with visual art, thanks in part to the works of Alfonso Silba, a painter and sculptor who is a symbol of Sardinian art and culture and inextricably connected to Orosei. From the association and strong friendship with our founder, Michela Mastio, comes the inspiration and the idea of making the atmosphere unique, contextualizing an artistic path in every corner of the hotel.

Always linked to the owner family, the Maestro - Artist in Residence- is happy to be part of the Cala Ginepro world and entertains guests to explain his works and exhibit new projects. The property has always advocated authentic hospitality and for the transmission of values that come from this Land and its hardworking people. Out of a strong sense of belonging and a passion for art in all its forms of expression, we seek detail in symbolism. Textiles, embroideries, ceramics and wood inlays are the result of passion for manual skills and respect for Sardinian craftsmanship. Therefore we commission local artisans for everything that makes the experience with us unique, completely immersive and uplifting.