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All the solutions of your stay

Sardinian hospitality is the essence of each of our accommodations. The Cala Ginepro Hotels experience consists of multiple accommodation solutions: from the two Beach Resorts overlooking the sea, a fully self-contained Residence in the picturesque Borgata Sos Alinos, the more discreet and independent Apartments, and the Villas, each with its own charm. Each space is equipped with innovative amenities and services inspired by traditional Sardinian hospitality, all for the perfect vacation in the Gulf of Orosei. 

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Cala Ginepro and I Giardini di Cala Ginepro Resort are resorts surrounded by greenery and overlooking the sea, offering all the services and comforts of large hotel facilities with a choice of different solutions, suitable for every need. The design of the facilities is inspired by the Mediterranean style and the resulting atmosphere is enriched by the sense of hospitality, as great and sincere as our Land.

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Residence Sos Alinos is the most convenient and functional choice for those who wish to spend a vacation in complete freedom in Sardinia. The facility is located near the village of the same name, among the most engaging tourist resorts in the Gulf, less than 1 km from the sea. Its strategic location, near the most beautiful beaches of the Gulf of Orosei, will make you privileged observers of a unique destination, for a vacation in full autonomy. 

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Apartments & Villas

The apartments and villas of Cala Ginepro Hotels, each with its own particular charm, are the perfect choice to enjoy the magic of one of the most intriguing seaside resorts in the Mediterranean, in maximum privacy, with the convenience of proximity to the center and all its services. The facilities are located in different contexts of the same destination and all immersed in the atmosphere of a unique and unspoiled natural environment. From the most central apartments, to villas by the sea or in more scenic locations, each solution offers an incomparable and exciting prospect of a stay in terms of charm and beauty. 


More than a team, a family...

From this perspective, it seems evident that knowing how to welcome the traveler can only be an attitude of the Soul, something that is inspired by a true vocation. One who is predisposed to host cannot but have a heart and mind open to the Other, as well as become a guide capable of leading one's guest inside an incredible journey of discovery of the natural landscapes, history, traditions, legends, culinary and eno-gastronomic art of the places of which one has chosen to be custodians and witnesses.

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