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Beaches & Surroundings

A tongue of very white sand, carved out in one of the most striking corners of Sardinia, shines in the sun in front of a sea sparkling with light and colors, with transparencies and amazing reflections that only the nature of this Land can give. The peculiarity of all our properties is to rise in an uncontaminated context, made of pure beauty, close to the most amazing beaches of Sardinia. The reserved areas on the beach, duly equipped and pleasantly reachable on foot through a tree-lined path, are constantly monitored for safety and attention to our guests.

Cala Ginepro, Porto Corallo, Cala Fuile 'e Mare, Sa Mattanosa and Cala Liberotto are the best beaches that make this coast one of the most beautiful and renowned in the Mediterranean, to be experienced in the most immersive way. Splendid granite cliffs sculpted by the sea and wind alternate with wonderful coves with unforgettable water transparencies. The gradually rising seabed allows for perfectly safe bathing, giving little sandcastle builders the ideal space to play at designing their works and then dive into the waves of the sea, spending carefree summer days. 

We are privileged to be born in close proximity to the unique Bidderosa Wildlife Oasis, which covers 800 hectares, with five pristine beaches and quota places. It houses within it a protected ecosystem that offers shelter to some endemic flora and fauna species. It will be an opportunity to rediscover the most authentic contact with nature. From our resorts we will organize pleasant walks to illustrate this natural heritage that lies next to us. With our local experts you will go on a discovery of the Gulf of Orosei. We are in the northeastern coastal stretch of Sardinia, which stretches more than about 60 kilometers, and encompasses among the most amazing and emblazoned beaches in the Mediterranean, unique naturalistic settings visited by travelers from all over the world. With our Experiences and Guided Tours we will take you to the most characteristic destinations and in search of glimpses indelible in memories. 

The temple of dreams and colors

This is how we define the experience that touches the wonderful Piscine di Venere, Cala Goloritzè, Cala dei Gabbiani, Cala Mariolu, Cala Biriola and Cala Luna. A full day of the intensity of our emerald sea. We are the only resort that can boast a service that picks up guests directly from the beach to leave for the day's sailing. And then the experience in the authentic jewel of the North Sardinian coast, Cala Brandinchi, also known as Little Tahiti for its colors ranging from turquoise to emerald, typical of a Polynesian scenery. For this corner of paradise we hold exclusive access. A full day in what has been consecrated the most beautiful beach in Italy, where the exotic and lush vegetation, and the transparency of the sea will be the backdrop for your memories.