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The arrival at Cala Ginepro is the beginning of a journey between nature, art and tradition, relaxation and unique experiences. Experiencing a place is worth much more than visiting it, which is why we want to give you a vacation that is a journey full of memorable experiences between sea and land, flavors and scents, history and traditions.

Get in touch with the thousand-year-old culture of the island. Experience the magic of living amazing experiences immersed in a magical atmosphere, reliving and savoring the sensations and traditions of festivals and events linked to the history of this land with customs and traditions that have been handed down through time. Sardinia is a Land rich in traditions, honored and handed down with pride by the people who inhabit it; a place steeped in history and traversed by many legends, framed by landscapes of rare beauty, where Man and Nature have found their exemplary balance; a region that has made wine and food a true art capable of combining tradition and innovation.

Cala Ginepro Hotels is not only the emblem and custodian of all this, but also proposes to accompany you in a series of experiences that allow you to experience such richness. The intent that moves the owners of Cala Ginepro Hotels goes far beyond that of offering a splendid vacation and has as its noble purpose that of leaving in the hearts of its guests an indelible mark of the beauty, warmth and enchantment that this Land can offer, which gives a new point of view. And it is precisely with this attitude that a truly wide and rich offer of experiences to live is proposed, suggesting places and itineraries that can lead you to enjoy all the magic that Sardinia holds. In Cala Ginepro every corner offers a surprising panorama, a play of colors between land and sea that will be the background that will accompany all your experiences.

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Between land and see

Enjoy a unique sea among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean and discover the hidden treasures of this area, which with its 30 km of coastline presents numerous beaches and coves each with its own charm. Experience and live every moment intensely by relaxing in the sun at the splendid equipped beaches, or in the water with boat excursions, swimming, underwater exploration and many other exciting attractions. The coastline of Cala Ginepro and the entire Gulf of Orosei is characterized by intimate coves, fine sandy beaches and clear sea where the seabed is shallow and pink granite rocks emerge from the crystal clear water. 

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Culture and Art, Artist in Residence

The warm colors of the Mediterranean style, the paintings and embroideries that speak of Sardinian history will be the details that will give value to every moment spent here. At Cala Ginepro Hotels, the art of Sardinian hospitality blends with visual art, thanks in part to the works of Alfonso Silba, a painter and sculptor who is a symbol of Sardinian art and culture and inextricably connected to Orosei. 

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We cultivate a sense of belonging to the Sardinian land. It is in contact with nature that you will understand that you are not just a guest, but part of this land. We give you a complete immersion in the greenery of our vegetable garden, 4 hectares of land with plants, lush orchards and a splendid olive grove where the products destined for our guests' tables are grown. 

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Animation, Kids & Teen Club

On vacation, children deserve all the attention. For them who are an inexhaustible source of energy, it is important to experience and live every moment to the fullest. That is why we have thought of everything down to the smallest detail.