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Our Manifesto

Your Home in Sardinia

In nomen omen. Cala Ginepro is root and destination.
It is a journey in the making where the concept of belonging has moved toward that of community.
A visceral attachment to our roots and a commitment to sustainable development have shifted our asset toward an advocacy mission. We are driven by a sense of responsibility to those who choose us and deep respect for our heritage.
We cater to travelers seeking Authentic Experiences, corollaries of genuine hospitality.
Now in our third generation, we do so with ever burning passion and with the same idea of progress that glittered in the minds of those who, in 1972, in defiance of the times and legacies, looked upon this sea and imagined.
The woman we have the honor of calling our founder, considered by all to be a pioneer of tourism in Sardinia, Michela Mastio.

Mattia Pilosu

Our Manifesto 4
Our Manifesto 4

Passion, courage, a propensity for beauty, love and respect for one's Land and roots, creativity and dedication, and the ability to make one's work a life mission are the ingredients that have made Cala Ginepro Hotels an enchanting place where one can be swept away by a whirlwind of emotions, where one can find oneself and regenerate, lulled by incomparable service and a personalized receptive offer that places the individual with all his or her specificities and preferences at the center.

Our Manifesto 4

Coherence and commitment