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Our History

A family history

Everything was born from the intuition of an extraordinary woman, Michela Mastio, and the bet, first and foremost on herself, that she transformed, with dedication and extraordinary self-sacrifice, into a hospitality empire. As a woman of the people, she began with an emporium in the small town of Orosei in the first half of the 1960s. She sold a little bit of everything, to the whole country, granted "booklet" payments supported by an embryonic structure, but an irrepressible hunger for success. He saw the opportunity, the arrival of Prince Karim Aga Khan in Costa Smeralda, and the first flows of tourism to Sardinia, and, crossing supply and demand, soon realized the enormous opportunities for development. But this is the 1960s, Sardinia, one woman and without a penny.

All circumstances that would have put anyone off but her, who, armed with a fighting spirit and tenacity, arrives at the Region in Cagliari to seize funding opportunities that, clearly, were being issued under congruous cover and guarantees, which she lacked. Well, she is considered persuasive; at the time, there was not much talk of a business plan, and yet the project convinced the committee that financed what we can now call a visionary work, but which, by most at the time, was labeled as sheer madness.

Our History  4
Our History  4

It began with Sa Mattanosa, a restaurant and fifty rooms, the wandering around Europe in search of clients, rocambolic as much as forerunner sales&marketing techniques, and yet the results are there, and how. In 91 the second hotel and in the early 2000s the residence, in between about 50 apartments and villas, all in the same destination. Over two thousand beds, 280 occupied resources, all for a bet. 

Our History  4
Our History  4