“I Graniti” apartments are situated in the Sos Alinos locality, near Cala Liberotto, one of the most famous places in the Gulf of Orosei. They are framed by a captivating nature where they blend seamlessly. They are surrounded by Mediterranean maquis and peculiar granite formations shaped by the atmospheric agents.


These apartments strike a perfect balance for those who want a stress-free holiday by the sea, combined with the peace and quiet of the countryside, ideal for a relaxing holiday. Those who wish to unwind and relax will greatly appreciate these characteristics.


Beaches: Marvelous white sandy beaches, alternating with coves and cliffs, are only 1.5 km away. Nearby you can find the Bidderosa Natural Oasis, a natural and pristine area where you can reach some of the most beautiful beaches in the Orosei municipality or delve into the landscape of the Sa Curcurica Pond or take a walk along the paths of Mount Urcatu.