Apartments for rent near Cala Ginepro and Cala Liberotto



The holiday apartments at Cala Ginepro, in the Orosei region, are an ideal destination to fully enjoy the magic of a seaside location among the most beautiful of Eastern Sardinia.

One, two and three bedroom apartments perfect for an independent holiday near the beaches of Cala Ginepro and Cala Liberotto: crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches with pink overtones, pine forests that lead to the beach perfect for finding shelter during the hottest hours of the day, shallows waters that deepen slowly, making the area perfect for a holiday with children.



Other apartments are located in the Sos Alinos hamlet, which offers the opportunity for a truly independent vacation: there are supermarkets, doctors on call, pizzerias, restaurants and all the services to make your holiday in Sardinia perfect.

Just 10 km away you will find the ancient hamlet of Orosei, that still retains the magic, diversity and beauty of Sardinian culture in its different forms: from old costumes to ancient crafts, from Medieval rites that are staged year after year to the fantastic gastronomy.

The autonomy of an independent holiday combined with the advantages of hotel facilities. These condos are located between 500 and 800 meters and can be reached on foot following a tree-lined path.